AP Studio 3 Snack Vending

AP Studio 3 Snack Vending

The Automatic Products studio 3 snack vending machine is the largest snack machine made by AP. This machine has all the newest and most reliable technology available in the vending industry. This machine comes standard dual spiral with golden eye product guarantee delivery sensor. This is a laser beam through the delivery bin, if the purchased product does not break this beam the machine is smart and spins again.

In the event the machine completes two full spins and the product does not drop customers money is automatically refunded. This keeps customers happier & eliminates the hassle of providing your customers with refunds. This machine is 5 selections across the top with an average of 787 total selections in 45 different products. This machine can handle the largest volume account on your route and do it with style and reliability arguably the best in the industry. When we refurbish this machine for you we use a high quality acrylic enamel paint from sherman williams.

This paint leaves a show room finish and dries hard to protect the new look of your great investment. Being MDB (multi drop bus) this machine can accept credit card readers, larger currency acceptors/recyclers, & remote monitoring devices with no extra programing or wiring required. Standard $1 & $5 bill acceptor & 4 tube gold $1 coin mech.


  • Metro styling gives this machine a handsome look while its smart design allows full viewing of your favorite brands for easy selection.
  • Golden Eye® detection system guarantees your product will deliver, or customer gets an instant refund.
  • Multiple Energy Conservation Modes help you conserve power and save money. Choose from lights off, vend off, low energy or total shutdown. (Very smart.)
  • Choosing the industry-leading brand, APi, ensures you’re getting a solid, street smart merchandiser that is known for its craftsmanship, reliability, and overall higher standard